AIB Recruitment 2018 | Accident Investigation Bureau Job Vacancy How To Apply

AIB Recruitment 2018 | Accident Investigation Bureau Job Vacancy How To Apply

AIB Recruitment 2018 – Applicants Can See Full Requirements Accident Investigation Bureau. Here we bring to you the information that Accident Investigation Bureau and this is also base on the AIB Recruitment 2018 requirements and the recruitment process.

If you graduated from any Nigeria university and polytechnic recognize or you studied aboard also recognize and you are interested in working with the AIB, Accident Investigation Bureau here is your chance. Those who are interested in applying you should try to read and understand this article carefully, so you should be aware what is require from you as you apply for AIB Recruitment 2018 .

All interested applicants or candidates should also take note we that Job Vacancy Nigeria don’t recruit all we do here is that we try to update, inform the general public and interested applicants all candidates how to apply for 2018 AIB Recruitment exercise and we give all the necessary procedure about the recruitment requirements.

If you are interested in applying for Accident Investigation Bureau you should visit the official portal of the AIB Recruitment 2018 to know more about the scheme and what they do. The rumour about AIB Recruitment 2018 has started is not true when it actually start we at will inform you so all candidate or applicant should please take not.


We are telling everyone about this because we have been receiving multiple email regarding to when the AIB recruitment will be conducted or whether if it is true that the recruitment has actually started. Here is it the Accident Investigation Bureau recruitment 2018 has not started. So all interested candidates or applicants should disregard any info relating to the commencement of the Accident Investigation Bureau AIB Recruitment 2018 .

So because of that we have decided to inform you about AIB Recruitment 2018 requirements and how all applicants or candidates can apply for the recruitment exercise. AIB recruitment 2018 requirements and How To Apply For The Accident Investigation Bureau Recruitment 2018.


Below are the list of requirements that are compulsory needed by interested candidates or applicants prior to the recruitment date.
1. All interested Candidate or Applicants must be citizen of Nigeria by birth.
2. All interested candidate or applicants should be able to provide a valid identification card such as voters card, Drivers license, National identity card and international Passpaort.
3. All candidate or interested Applicants should posses First school Leaving certificate and also good secondary school leaving certificate eg, WAEC, NECO, GCE.
4. All candidate or applicants should be free from financial embarrassment and debt harassment.
5. All candidate or Applicants should have no criminal records.
6. Applicant should have a First School Leaving Certificate
If there is a change in the AIB Recruitment 2018 requirements we will try to update you all the new Accident Investigation Bureau recruitment requirements.


All applicants or candidates that are interested should visit the AIB recruitment official website.


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