Andela Nigeria Internship Programme 2019 On Going Apply Now

Andela Nigeria Internship Programme 2019 is on going interested applicant should apply now because Andela is known for network of technology and they are leaders that is dedicated to the advancement of human potential.

Andala is a company that help other companies build a high-performing distributed engineering teams around Africa and Nigeria is part of it, they investing in most talented software developers in any Africa countries.

They are Based in USA New York City , San Francisco, In Nigeria they are in Lagos, They are in Kenya at Nairobi City, and they are also in Uganda at Kampala, Andela has been seen in a front line regarding the growth of tech ecosystems across the African continent and they have been solving the global technical problems by using talent individuals

Applications are are welcome by Andala and applicant are invited for: Andela Nigeria Internship Programme
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Duration: 3 Months – 1 Year
About the Internship Programme

Andela is on a mission to advance human potential around the world mostly in Africa by creating amazing opportunity for all Nigeria undergraduate and also for the postgraduate students from various academic institution no matter the background in other to advance their knowledge and their learning ability and to help them develop and gain hands on work experience through a practical training.

Applicant that has been selected into the internship program will be asked to support the operations of their department of interest as programme continues.


Employers will want to know your drive and a sense of what your future holds for you. They would prefer to hire someone with a sense of purpose. Employers may ask you describe what you see yourself doing in the years to come, whether you will be at one company or another. Telling them you see yourself doing their job may not be the best way to get hired.

Answer: In five years, would like to have progressed to the point where I have bottom-line responsibility and the chance to lead an operations unit. Avoid the urge to describe job titles; this makes you seem unbending and unrealistic, since you of not know or control the system of promotion. Describe new experiences or responsibilities you’d like to add in the future that build on the current job you are applying for


Applicant that are has been select will therefore be allowed to come with new perspectives of things, try their new innovative ideas and allow to carry out the latest research experience into the company in other to help improve their skills and give them confidence in a working environment

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