ClickMagic Set To Release Latest Blockbuster Movie Titled The Radical Act

ClickMagic Set To Release Latest Blockbuster Movie Titled The Radical Act

A 200level student at the university name Robert, has been living in a well-secured environment that is been assured by the school authority, a decision made by him and his mother in other to make him focus on his education.

Banky who is the elder brother to Robert has a hidden intention and because of that he was not comfortable with the decision, so he then convince his mother to change her mind for his younger Robert to relocate to off campus.

To Convince Robert was not so easy but with the promise of well quite environment such as a self-contained apartment with a glamorous interior, Robert changed his mind.

In doing so it was the beginning of distractions, instability in his academics pursuit and his spiritual life, as a Christian. A young man who came to the university with such a bright future got himself involved with an unhealthy life style and crazy activities on campus, His life style put him on harm’s way.



Kelvin IKEDUBA, Abraham Nwodo,  Jeremiah Onoge, Francess OSUNDE Okungbowa, Lillian EJIRO

As directed by Jeremiah Onoge (DGN)

Premier on  December 26 (Boxing Day)

Time is 2pm (red carpet)
3pm (main event)

ClickMagic Films
For info call, 08055951896 or 07038601111

Gate fee FREE

How To Join The Nollywood And Become A Nigeria Actor Or Actress:

There are so many things one need to know before joining the Nigeria movie industry, they have been plenty on calls regarding this area, which I do not want to talk about until am certain, because I do not want to mislead my readers, the reason am writing this article is to explain to upcoming Nigeria (Nollywood) stars about the industry they are about getting into.

To be certain I placed a call to a movie director and he explain certain things to me and those are what I will be sharing and if you still do not understand me I will be dropping his number so you can reach him by yourself and make the right decision.


How To Become A Model In Nigeria And Get A Modeling Job:

The issue with most people they think become a model is just by looking tall and keeping sharp, once they have all that they believe that they are in a path of becoming a model and  later be on a magazine, bill boards appears on TV and become famous. This is wrong so wrong. Modeling is not just a way to be famous it is a career and like every career one needs to work hard to be successful.

In this article we will be using out time to explain to you a bid on how you can become a model in Nigeria and get that modeling job. We will teach you how to manage your career if you are taking the modeling as a full time job. Because modeling is one of those jobs one can either make a full time job or a part time job. But anyone you choose I will be here to explain and guard you through your decision.



  1. […] ClickMagic Set To Release Latest Blockbuster Movie Titled The Radical Act […]

  2. […] ClickMagic Set To Release Latest Blockbuster Movie Titled The Radical Act […]

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