Common Job Interview Mistakes That Can Cost You a Job

Common Job Interview Mistakes That Can Cost You a Job

When you are going for a job interview this is what you should have in mind that an interview can make you or break your chances of ever getting that dream job you want, no matter how great and how impressive your resume or CV is. Do not have this great believe that you are for have the job. To have the job is to have a great job interview, and there are some mistake or habits you should ensure you avoid by all mean necessary to improve your chances of excelling in the job interview. Here we will be sharing a common job interview mistake that can cost you a job.


In this case i want you to know that as much as it is good to share your in an interview research has proven that share less. One should try to know that is a job interview and that you’re speaking to an interviewer that could be your direct boss not a gist partner or bestie. Some persons in an attempt to project their confidence, they might become carried away and become too chatty.

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Sharing too much unnecessary details or events he/she has no business talking about in an interview is a serious bad idea. No matter how stressed you might be Be sure to keep your nerves in check and try to stick to the point and answer the interview questions. what you should so is always Practices your approach to the job interviewer and learn to answer questions beforehand can go a long way in helping you succeed.

Answering Questions in Your Rehearsed Way

Every interviewer likes it when the interviewee communicate to them genuinely and interact with an interviewee and so that they can get insight into his/her true nature and character. When you do not rehears your answers it becomes difficult to the interviewer without responds of mannerisms. Try and genuine and real even if you have come across the questions asked before now. Make sure you try as much as you can to be authentic with your answers and to let your personality come through during the interview. make sure you Smile, try and loosen up a little bit and don’t be stiff as a robot, no matter of how terribly nervous you might be feeling.

Not Being Smart With Your Mannerisms

Everyone likes smart person, Nobody wants someone that is dull, or slow in speaking or unresponsive person as an employee, In this case the interviewers tends to be put off those interviewees that are not smart nor quick-witted with their mannerisms when communicating. You should Try as much as you can to avoid talking slowly when you are answering or asking questions.

Do make sure you project your voice when you are speaking, avoid sounding that you are dull and speaking in low tones. Always show confidence by appropriate eye contact with the interview but don’t stare down at the interviewer and also avoid talking too fast and quickly. Make sure you’re audible when you are speaking. when you are talking ensure your voice is projected as and show much confidence as you can muster, do not let any one see how nervous you are regardless of how you feel.

Giving Uninformed Answers to Questions About the Company

That is why before you go to a job interview it is good you do research of the company before you go for that interview. If don’t know something about the company, you should turn from scrambling, do not try to come up with just any answer to the question.

Do ensure you do your research about the company carefully and try to know more about the company and what they do, but in case there is something you don’t know, be careful and tactful with how you answer the question from the interviewer. You can offer to ask question and use that opportunity to share the information you do know about the company. try and get the interviewer to something they need or going through during the interview.

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