Conoden Oil Limited Recruitment Graduate Management

Conoden Oil Limited Recruitment Graduate Management Program, For interested applicant Conoden Oil is well known in Nigeria and they have been around since 1948 even before the Nigeria independent, they are the leading energy provider with a very vast experience in the LPG industry.

Conoden Oil Limited is recruiting to fill in the vacant position stated below:

Conoden Oil Limited Vacancy Job Title: Management Trainee
Conoden Oil Limited Vacancy Job Location: Benin City, Edo State

Conoden Oil Limited Recruitment Job Responsibilities

Applicant are to provide analytic support and also a research support for most key strategy projects, in the marketing sector, trending, improve customer relationship, channel and competitive assessments for the company.


Applicant are to provide support in management segment strategy in the development processes of the company

Applicant should always be Present at the team meeting and also at the client meetings, and to determine the most practical way which the company can drive in a lasting result based on what the applicant insight and analyze.

Applicant should be responsible for the processing and to evaluate the company’s businesses, company’s projects, the company’s budgets and other finance-related investment.

Applicants are to Support in the preparation of a senior management and also support the board level communications

Applicants are to Supports Conoden Oil Limited team goals and assessments

Applicant should be able to perform a financial analysis at a micro and macro level in other to understand the financial health system of the company and to be able to offer suitable recommendations when the need be.

Applicant should be able to Recommend an individual’s investment and also collection of investments, which are well known to be the positions to Evaluate the current and historical data

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