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BOO (Build. Own, Operate( is probably the trickiest of theses because here there’s at least, up front, no government involvement whatsoever. The private sector builds the project, Owns it, and operates it…. There is some continuing level of government involvement and so we distinguish BOO projects from private investment in general by the fact typically that there’s an essential service of some kind being provided.

BOOT (Build, Own, Operate and transfer) financing arrangement in which a developer (1) design and builds a complete project or facility (such as an airport, power, plant, seaport) at little or no cost to the government or a joint venture partner, (2) owns and operates the facility as a business for a specified period (Usually 10 to 30 years) after which (3) transfers it to the government or partner at a previously agreed-upon or market-price.

Example of such schemes in Nigeria; 1) the construction of new domestic wing of Murtala Muhammed Airport, 2) Lekki Peninsular concessioning by Lagos State government –LCC is an initiative of the ARM Group of Companies. The company is a Special Purpose Vehicle set up specifically to execute the Lagos Infrastructure Project. This Pioneering project is the first of its kind in Nigeria, and is mandated under a 30 year concession Agreement with the Lagos State Government. The project is designed to deliver essential road infrastructure and services along the Lekki Peninsula.

Consulting, Business Advisory & Business Support Services.

People  are providing consulting service is virtually every sector. There are consulting services in IT, Human Resources, Accounting & Auditing, Security, Health Safety & Environment, Expatriate management, Housing, etc. these firms, which are usually small or mid-sized, can be very good grounds for training and development. 

Politics, Diplomacy & Legal services. As democracy blossoms, a huge industry exists to support it. We will being to find a lot of professionals providing services to political institutions. Eg as technical advisers, speech writers, consultants, diplomats, legal aids etc.

The need for legal services also increases with democracy. This is because during a democratic era, much more respect is given to the rule of law; this gives room for the courts to carry out their constitutional duties. We are also in a period where a lot of specializations maybe seen within the legal profession, such as entertainment law, copyright law, and intellectual property.

Hospital & Health management: the hospitals and health management industry has always been with us. But as far as the health system cannot meet the demand, then this industry will continue to grow.

Making Health Affordable will be a regular concern and a growing industry. This has given rise to Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO).  These organizations make health care available by collecting monthly health care available by collecting monthly health premiums (like insurance premiums) from individuals.

Just like insurance, you pay small sums of money monthly, and you can get medical treatment when you need even if it is above what you have contributed. Examples are premier Medicaid, Hygeia, UNIC, and Total Health Trust. New fields of medicine also exist or are being emphasized; sports medicine, physiotherapy, cosmetic surgery etc.

Information Technology: IT is the driver of today’s world. As the world continues to desire more and more convenience, more speed, more accuracy, so will the IT industry rise. We in Africa are even still behind the develop countries and this industry is diverse, comprising of programming & application development, database administration, networking, security, ecommerce, website development / management/hosting, internet services, broadband management, etc.

Civil service, Regulatory bodies & Donor-organizations.

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There’s a growing move to professionalize the civil service system. The implication of this is two-fold. First, there will be more jobs as government decides to take up more of the responsibilities that she had earlier shirked. Secondly, people will get opportunity to do well-paying and challenging jobs in the civil service. Regulatory bodies are also increasing in number and in relevance. Every industry has a government body that regulates its conduct. These bodies usually have working relationships with counterparts overseas, thereby making them good developmental grounds.

Non-governmental organizations (NG). There is a rise of NGOs all around, with each having its area of focus. Some are local, others foreign and some local with foreign affiliations. These NGOs thrive because government alone cannot solve societal problems free or at no cost. Thus, NGO’s provide a platform to increase social responsibilities.

Entertainment, Arts & Arts Management. This industry continues to grow everyday in leaps and bounds. It consists of the actual players (artistes, musicians, artists, dancers, drummers, etc) and the various art management service providers (producers, managers, marketers, & distributors, trainers, make-up artist, researchers, organizers, sponsors, etc). As the industry grows it would require many more trained professionals. It is also pertinent to remember that this is an international industry and therefore has the potential for international job placements or projects.

Manufacturing. This was for a long time the biggest industry alongside Oil & Gas. It still retains its size as one of the largest employers of labour. And most of the organizations in the category now have foreign ownership. They employ engineers, accountants, scientists and salesmen/marketers mostly. It maybe right to categorise them into first generation (UAC Plc, Cadbury, Nigerian Breweries, Guinness, etc) and second generation (Chi Nigeria Ltd, Doyin Group, Dangote group, BUA group, etc).

Agriculture. The food we produce isn’t sufficient for the nation; certainly this is an industry that is here to stay. Governments, international bodies, international finance institutions, banks are all interested in supporting the development of this industry because to its critical nature.

Read the news on agriculture: “the President has approved that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) mobilize N200 billion agricultural funds to be disbursed to commercial farmers at an interest rate of nine per cent through commercial banks.” World Bank has approved $150 million (about N22.21billion) for Commercial Agriculture Development Project (CADP) in Nigeria.

The loan, which came under the bank’s international development agency (IDA) credit, is payable within 40years with a grace period of 10years. Although interest free, the loan attracts a 0.75 percent service charge. The project will support the government in strengthening agricultural production systems and facilitating access to markets for participating small-and medium-scale commercial farmers in five participating states in the country, including Cross River, Enugu, Lagos, Kaduna, and Kano.

According the World Bank, the project will be implemented over a five-year period, beginning April 16, 2009, closing December 31, 2014 and has two components: agricultural production and commercialization, and rural infrastructure.

School and Educational service. The schools and educational industry has blossomed tremendously over the last 10years. We now have private nursery, primary, secondary schools and universities/colleges, this development is due to the poor state of public school, and are also beginning to pay better salaries than before – some schools now have a remuneration package that will astound a lot of us coupled with the more ‘friendly’ closing time.

Fashion and Lifestyle Solutions. The increase in disposable income of a lot of people in society (the middle class particularly) has encouraged more people to also focus on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle enhancing solutions. Nowadays, more people consider beauty regimens important, patronizing fashion designers and weaving the latest local and international designs. The lifestyle solutions aspect is also becoming more relevant as you find people making frequent visits to spas, fitness centres, resorts, and health centres.

At PwC all our staff are required to demonstrate certain core skills, which we refer to as our global core competencies. These are assessed throughout the application process, and candidates should make themselves aware of these, and how their own experiences may demonstrate each competency.

Develop self and Others through Coaching. We place a strong emphasis on personal development and on assisting others to develop. We will be looking for people who can reflect on their past performance and recognize individual strengths and development needs, and who are also able to provide feedback fairly and constructively to others.


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