Etisalat Blackberry Data Subscription Plans

Etisalat Blackberry Data Subscription Plans

Etisalat blackberry sub create two basic areas you can use to subscribe on your mobile phone, the creation of this categories of blackberry data plan are made to be of two ways. It is either you use the blackberry Complete or you can use the Absolute blackberry data plan to sub for you etisalat data line.

Etisalat Absolute Plans For BlackBerry, the word Absolute stands for limitless, or you would love to say unlimited but I may say entire. but one thing is for sure when you subscribe for blackberry Etisalat blackberry data plan for the Absolute plans is more expensive than that of the etisalate data for complete plans both the truth is the etisalat data plan for absolute and that of the complete data plan because they have the same data strength.

The reason why etisalat induce the Absolute data plan and that of the Complete is that the absolute have a contain advantages compare to that of the complete, that is why so many people try to stick to that of the absolute because of the simple or added advantage.
The Etisalat blackberry data plan for complete have all what it takes and everything you need as someone using a blackberry phone some one ask me why the creating both, I told them I will find out so I called Etisalat call center so I ask them what is the difference between the complete and the Absolute. But the absolute can access more then one email.

Etisalat blackberry data plan of absolute give you the full access to everything you think of and also have more and more access to more then one email that is the ability to use more than one external email address. That is to say in Absolute you can be your yahoomail running, your Gmail running and so on. But the complete do not allow that you can only use that of one email. Yahoomail or Gmail.

This is what you will get if you Absolute getting 10 web based Email Addresses “Yahoo Mail, Gmail, personal mail” with the additional etisalat emails Choice of ‘Sent From’ address that will enable you make use of the More email attachment types that can accept the BMP, the TIFF, the Word Doc, that of the Excel, that of the Power Point etc
Etisalat blackberry data plan gives room for Blackberry Messenger (BBM), it also for Internet Web Browsing, it gives room for Blackberry App World, including that for a Social Networking which include the light of Twitter, that of Facebook e.t.c

Etisalat Blackberry Data Plan
Here is the Eisalat blackberry data plan for both that of the absolute and that of the complete. This where you can get blackberry data plan in other to give you sub access
The Etisalat BlackBerry Complete Plan Activation Code, Voice Activation Code
Daily #100 50MB *499*3*2# Send COD to 399
Weekly #500 500MB *499*3*1# Send COW to 399
Montly #1,000 3GB *499*3# Send COM to 399
Etisalat BlackBerry Absolute Plan, the Absolute plan gives the full BIS Bundle Activation Code
Daily #100 50MB *499*5# *399*5#
Weekly #550 500MB *499*6# *399*6#
Montly #1,500 3GB *499*1# *399*1#

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