First Bank Recruitment 2019 – Graduate Trainee Programme Apply Now

First Bank Recruitment 2019 for graduate Trainee Programme is on the way, we are informing all graduate who are interested in working in a bank to get hold of this opportunity and apply for the First Bank Recruitment 2019 as they set to recruitment fresh workers. if you want to apply, read this article to the end and know what is required from you.

If you are enthusiastic, also you are outstanding in everything you do and you are looking for a unique opportunity to show what you can do and make known your full potential in the banking sector. Here is the opportunity you need and you have been waiting for a long time. In banking you should posses the right attitude and the right behavior in other to break a new ground.


Not all can work in the banking sector but if  you have the desire to work there here is an opportunity within the financial sector to show yourself and also to build up your uncommon skills, your competencies that will differentiate you from the rest of the world bankers.

As it stands there are many banks in Nigeria and First Bank of Nigeria Limited is one of the biggest commercial bank in Nigeria and they have  branches that is network in over 700 locations spread across the nation.

Been the first Bank in Nigeria they have maintain their distinctive reputation  that has shown excellence in the banking sector. It is not a new thing that First Bank has grown so big and become one of leading providers of banking and financial services in not just Nigeria but in the Sub-Saharan Africa.


Dressing is one of the most important things one should be aware of during interview. Your interview starts the moment you walk into the room. Starting from your hair down to your shoe is been interviewed. No one will want to associate with someone that is not presentable. Even you will not want to sit very close to a mechanic in his dirty overall. No company will want to give a job to someone looking very poor and unkempt


As the Bank get ready to prove its operational efficiency  to customers and to give effectiveness, to improve customers’ experience in every various touch points, the First Bank Recruitment 2019 campaign for Graduate Trainee Programme. 


Employers will want to know your drive and a sense of what your future holds for you. They would prefer to hire someone with a sense of purpose. Employers may ask you describe what you see yourself doing in the years to come, whether you will be at one company or another. Telling them you see yourself doing their job may not be the best way to get hired.

Answer: In five years, would like to have progressed to the point where I have bottom-line responsibility and the chance to lead an operations unit.. Avoid the urge to describe job titles; this makes you seem unbending and unrealistic, since you of not know or control the system of promotion. Describe new experiences or responsibilities you’d like to add in the future that build on the current job you are applying for


First Bank seek to attract those who are exceptionally sound minded, those who are results-oriented and those who are suitably qualified into the First Bank’s talent pool 2019, in other to meet their growth and the bank requirements across the enterprise.

The reason for First Bank Recruitment 2019 for Graduate Trainee Programme is to identify those who are well built for banking, to select tomorrow bank leaders, to build them in the bank’s image and to develop them to become the Next Generation bankers and leaders, that the bank will groom and drive in the  vision of the Bank in the Africa’s Bank of First choice.

If selected by First Bank, they have 3-month period to build into the applicant what will make them the best. this will lead to select the individuals that have the acquire essential skills that first bank can  mold into a robust bankers in Nigeria and Africa at large to exposed a diverse range of functions, They are to make a roles and create an activities that is across the Bank and to deployed the matching areas of  skills needed and to set affinities. When you come out after the 3 months period you will be an outstanding banker and this is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss.

First Bank Recruitment 2019 Graduate Trainee Programme Requirement

Here is how you can be part of this unique programme, and you should  follow the criteria, The First Bank Recruitment 2019 Graduate Trainee Programme Requirement

  1. Interested applicant should posses a minimum of Second Class Honours (Lower Division) for University Graduate or  For Polytechnic HND A Upper Credit in any disciplines.
  2. Interested Applicant should be maximum of 27 years old as at 31st December 2018.
  3. Interested Applicant should have a minimum of 5 credits (n that include Mathematics and English Language) in their Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE)
  4. Interested Applicant should have Completed his/her of NYSC is mandatory service.
  5.  Interested Applicant should submit All applications latest than Thursday, 27 December 2018

Everyone who applied the bank will treat the Information provided with strict confidence. The bank will only contact all short-listed candidates and will be invited for the bank Aptitude Test.  The date and time for the Aptitude Test will be notify through  e-mail and SMS.

Those applicant contacted will be Invited to log on to the portal to print out their Aptitude Test Invitation Slip.
There will be a forensic check and security clearance for all applicants invited for the test.  The bank will verify all educational qualifications presented by applicants.

Here is something all applicant should take note of, First Bank of Nigeria Limited and the First Bank recruitment partners will NOT demand money from any candidates who is seeking career opportunities in the Bank.

All Applications will be accepted through the First Bank online application portal.


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  3. […] First Bank Recruitment 2019 – Graduate Trainee Programme Apply Now […]

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