How To Become A Model In Nigeria And Get A Modeling Job

Types of Modeling Job In Nigeria

Do not go into a modeling because others are going into it. You should have to wait take out your time and choose the once that suit your body and consider what you can do. Do not try to be master of all; you want to be all at the same time. You may burn out before your career gets started. So watch, look very well before you enter into modeling; since they all so many you can choose and end having the dream of your satisfied.

One thing you should be aware of is that there are different types of modeling in Nigeria and the world, you have to consider before taking up any modeling job. Modeling is like every other types of career and they all come with their different challenges.

  1. Fashion Models

Those who are into fashion model are usually the slim ones, they are either male or female, and this has no specific gender attached. This types of model are mostly featured in a magazines, and any other print medias, they are mostly have a height close to 6’0 upwards and the height is usually a must have requirement.

These types of models do work with renowned cloths designers with great brands for periodic print campaigns and also for other cookbooks among others.

In the Fashion Modeling there is a Runway Models, these set of model are catwalk models. When a show has starts this are the model who put on the cloths and they are seen on the runway at every fashion shows to showcase the cloths for fashion designers. Height is not the major factor on this set of model they most certainly don’t have to be 6’0 height but they can model according to the taste of the cloths designers.

  1. Swimsuit or Lingerie Models

Becoming a model you need to know what you are going into, in this area they are models usually presented in an attractive way as they are mostly used in an ads (advert). They do not have a specific measurement for that it can go up as they are used suggestively for the adverts purposes.

  1. Commercial Models

They are set of model used in advertisements bill board or magazine. Their age, their height, they are squinting etc it doesn’t matter at all but these model is called upon whatever features needed to a campaign project. They are types of models that could be the one with the picture of a perfect feet, beautiful fingers, nice hair, and wearing derrière.

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