How To Dress for Job Interview Job Vacancy

How To Dress for Job Interview Job Vacancy

We at job vacancy Nigeria has decided to bring to your notice that there is a major reason why so many people do not get shortlisted after been invited for an interview. The problem is how they look when they enter the conference room or office.

Dressing is one of the most important things one should be aware of during interview. Your interview starts the moment you walk into the room. Starting from your hair down to your shoe is been interviewed. No one will want to associate with someone that is not presentable. Even you will not want to sit very close to a mechanic in his dirty overall. No company will want to give a job to someone looking very poor and unkempt.

Do say I have been looking for a job for the past 5years so I do not have cloths to wear. If you don’t have go and borrow. As from friends make sure you are will presented.  You should put on clothing that indicates you are ready to go work. That you are having something to offer, and that you are intelligent.

Do not use this opportunity to wear something that is too flashy. It is a place of work not a fashion show, or a marriage occasion.

Dress Code for the Men and Woman

This first part is for both male and female. So I advise you to follow word carefully in doing so you may just have the job based on what you are wearing.

Firstly all cloths should be clean and neatly pressed.

Secondly all conservative two-piece business suite (Solid dark blue or gray is best), in my opinion red is not good. And colour that is too sharp and pronounce is not good. It should a colour that shows you are not there but you are really there. Black is also good in this situation but based on what I said earlier dark blue and gray is the best.

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Thirdly, conservative; long-sleeved shirt/ blouse (White is best, pastel is next best), this is very important no short sleeved especially for the boys. The girls not spaghetti hand, it is not a dinner party or a cock tail party. It is a job interview and you should dress as such.

Fourthly Clean, polished, conservative shoes: in this case cleanness is next to godliness, you should clean and polished your shoes, make sure you are holding a rag to clean after you get down from the bus or any means of your transportation to the job interview venue.

Fifthly clean and well- groomed hairstyle: for the guys make sure your breads s is will sheaved and clean. Do not wear bushy breads, reduce it and look like a gentleman not like a thug. Brush or comb your hair depending the hair size. As for the female wear a good hairstyle but don’t make it too stylish except you are going for a modeling interview. But if it’s a business do not wear too stylish and long hair. Do not let the hair cover your face because the interviewer wants to be seeing your face and your eyes, so don’t let your hair cover your eyes.

Sixth clean, trimmed fingernails: This is also important. Make sure your fingernail is trimmed and clean, so you want look like a witch. This is mostly for the female, please make sure your fingernails is very trimmed and it is neat

Seventh minimal cologne or perfume: do not wear too much cologne, do not wear too much perfume, let it is minimal. You do not know if your interview is allergic to too much perfume. And don’t say I don’t have money to buy perfume and refuses to wear. You should wear perfume to marks your body odour, but don’t let the perfume to be too much

Eighth empty pocket no noisy coins: I know there is no more coin in Nigeria but you should be aware of your key and other metal object within your possession.

Ninth off your phone: this is something someone should not advise you on, do not put on your phone make sure it is off or you can put it on silent and do away with it. Do not look to check your message or try replying any massage on your phone. Once your phone rings your interview may ask you to answer and it, when call is gone so is your job opportunity

Tenthly no gum, candy or cigarettes: Do not shrew gum, no not eat candy and do not smoke before your interview. The odours of cigarettes do not leave the mouth on time no matter what you take. Someone who do not smoke will surely know and also perceive the odour of cigarette.

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Eleventh brush your teeth: this is one way people fail, always brush your teeth.

Dress Code for Men Only

Necktie should be neat with a conservative pattern, in my own advice I will prefer you wear plan tie. But if you don’t have plan tie wear a plan shirt. Do not wear strips shirt and strips tie no, don’t do that.

Wear a dark shoe (Black lace-ups are best); clean and polished

Wear dark socks (Black is best), do not wear ankle socks. Make sure your socks are neat. There is a story that a guy want to an interview and he did well, but before the interview ends a senior staff works in and said to the young boy take off your shoe. The moment the boy did the environment changes odour. That is how he lost the interview.

Short hair always fairs best in interviews, remember when I talk about hairstyle, remember is an official setting and you are just coming into the investment. No breads mustached are acceptable (Keep neat and trimmed)

No earrings, you are a guy for Christ seek why wearing earrings

No heavy cologne, no heavy perfume

Dressing Code for Women Only

Always wear a suit with a jacket or a sheath dress with a jacket, to present you very well

Do not wear extremely high-heeled or platform shoes or mules (They are more casual)

If you wear nail polish (Not required), use clear or a conservative colour

One set of earrings only this part you should wear one, multiple earrings is not allowed and do not wear it. Noise ring is not allowed

Conservative makeup, it is not a makeup competition, or a beauty pageant, so wear less makeup

No heavy perfume


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