How To Join The Nollywood And Become A Nigeria Actor Or Actress

How To Join The Nollywood And Become A Nigeria Actor Or Actress: There are so many things one need to know before joining the Nigeria movie industry, they have been plenty on calls regarding this area, which I do not want to talk about until am certain, because I do not want to mislead my readers, the reason am writing this article is to explain to upcoming Nigeria (Nollywood) stars about the industry they are about getting into.

To be certain I placed a call to a movie director and he explain certain things to me and those are what I will be sharing and if you still do not understand me I will be dropping his number so you can reach him by yourself and make the right decision.

Joining the nollywood and becoming a Nigeria movie star is something you should take seriously because acting is a job and a career. This job put food on so many tables and you can make a living out of it. There are some actress that are paid at least Two hundred and fifty thousand a day (=N=250,000.00) don’t wow, it’s the truth and there are more.

There are steps I will be sharing with you and I hope following those steps will see you at the industry, but you should also be careful not to fall into the hand of fraudsters, those guys take advantages of those that shows they know it all, read this article to the end and do not make mistake others has made, learn from their mistake is better than learning from yours.

If it has always been your dream to join the Nigeria movie industry and become a Nollywood an actor or an actress and to make money; then follow the steps I will be listing below. A lot of people wish they have what it takes to become a movie star in Nigeria and they can delve into the entertainment industry, in other for them to have fame, make money, have power or be well recognition, so many reasons to become a movie star in Nigeria and whatever that is the driving force might be.

Am here to tell you that you can be all that if you follow my instructions carefully and be wise about it, then you can be the next big thing in town. One should no that there is no shortcut to success you need to work for it, if you have an amazing acting talent, you can make it to the limelight become successful. In this article, I will be your guide and you should listen to me if you want to become a Nigerian Nollywood actor or actress.

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