How To Use Quickteller To Transfer Money –

How To Use Quickteller To Transfer Money

How to use Quickteller will going to be a good lesson for those that do can to make transfer from the comfort of their homes. Quickteller is an online banking system that allows you to make transfer, pay bills such as light bill, water bill, pay for you cable even buy yourself and for a friend.

The first time someone told me about quickteller I taught it will be a very hard challenging task, but I as I started using quickteller then I made it my mission to tell people How to use Quickteller to embark their transaction. The official web site of quickteller remains, this is what you should know for now. I will be taking my time to teach you How to use Quickteller to carry out all your transaction.

Quickteller is the use of online banking and it has been proven to be reliable, trust worthy and it has help so many people and also save time and stress. Since I know How to use Quickteller I have not stop and I will not stop. Banking is not by going to the bank and siting in the banking, waiting for the long line in the banking hall befor you pay money into your brother’s account or wait until they transfer the money to your sister’s account.But if you know How to use Quickteller you will not been in that state of stress whereby to had to stand and make that transfer.

In every country or federation, every state, there is an internet service and there is Banking then there should be ebanking so How to use Quickteller to make transfer and pay bills should not be your problem. I have stand to say having quickteller account and to make transfer is the best thing you should be learning

Quickteller can be use on your pc that’s the desktop, laptop, ipad and your mobile phones. I started using quickteller when I was using blackberry bold 3, so it is not the power of the phone, as much as the phone have web browser then you are good to go. How to use Quickteller is not a hard it, it is very easy.

Why Will I Use Quickteller –
This is very nice question, you should use it because it saves you time going to the bank and make transfer. Let say at 9pm or let me say 6pm or better still 4:10pm, the bank just close for the day and your mom called you for an emergency and she need money and that this time bank just close for the day what will you do? You then need to tell them that they should wait till the next day, you are worried and they are worried. Why not make use of quicktell? How to use Quickteller is that way out of that problem

How To Sign Up For Quickteller –
This is the lesson you truly need so that you will know how to make use of quickteller
* enter
* You are to sign up to quickteller
* in the sign up page of quickteller
* You are to fill, Your first Name, your last name, your phone number, your email address, Password. Pls all this should be well filled specially your email and phone number
* You are to fill in your State, date of birth, etc
* code will be send to your phone and email address. Click on the email to verify the email and at the same time the one on your phone has been verified
With this you now have access to quickteller.

Steps on How to use Quickteller –
* login to quickteller by using
* select send and receive money
* choose the transfer Icon
* Select the Destination bank, eg Zenith Bank PLC
* type in the bank Account Number
* select the Account Type eg Saving or Current
* fill in the amoount
* choose Continue, a new portal which is the Confirm payment portal
NOTE: you can choose more to fill in the reason for the transfer but it is not important, it is optional. Quickteller charges Convenience fee those in Nigeria is N100
* it will direct you to webpay Interswitch partal
* at the webpay portal you are to select the ATM cade. Eg Verve, Master Naira etc
* put in your bank ATM cade number eg 63254526355215854
* the the card expiring date select the month before the Date eg 11/02
* than you are to put in the CCV2 number, that is the last three number at the back of the ATM card if you are using Verve, but if it is Master card that is the only three number at the back.
* the you put in your pin. That is your four secret number eg 4444
* click on pay, that will redirect you snd a Safe Token will be sent to you mobile phone; it is either seven or six in number
* put that safe token number into the token box
* click on continue; the money will be transfer to the account.
You can use the same process to for your MTN, Glo recharge and you will get result
NOTE when you are using quickteller to buy card you don’t pay for Convenience fee this fee is free.


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