How To Write The Best Curriculum Vitae (CV) In Nigeria

Before we starts talking about How To Write the best Curriculum Vitae (CV) In Nigeria lets first take out time to understand what is CV and what does it intakes to write one. Because writing a CV is very important if you really want to get into the labor market and get yourself employed.

CV is a short word for Curriculum Vitae it is not an English word but Latin’s, A CV is a summary statement of who you are, what you have, things you have done and things you can do. In other word a CV is complete profile of yourself in a professional way, it tells mostly of your greatness and none of your weakness. So for short a CV is a marketing document used for getting a job or for getting into a selection test or an interview.

All CV should do is market you sufficiently enough for the other person to perceive your value. A Curriculum Vitae is to market you that is all. Some persons asked a question some time ago, the question was “How do you mean that CV is a marketing document?” well lets understand something first, marketing is when you try to do is to gain attention of your audience. 

Marketing is about differentiation, it is about positioning, so CV tries to position you in such a way that you are noticed in an overcrowded market.

Let’s go this way, think of yourself as a product, potential employers of a customers and your CV is the short brochure about you. Marketing yourself through your Curriculum Vitae. As every product in the market they have what makes them unique, they also have the benefit to people buying such product think of yourself as such product. Make sure to convey this information into your CV.

The truth is that the labor market is overcrowded with fresh graduate all over Nigeria and everyone is also applying for the same job you are applying for. The employers will want to notice and see something different about you from your Curriculum Vitae.

When marketing yourself, be accurate in the aspect that your reader considers you to be value to him that any other persons that may have applied for the job.

You should always try to construct your CV in a way that will sell you in a unique way because they said that value is in the eyes of the beholder. Write a CV don’t go and starts writing an autobiography. I need you to note that it is a CV not an autobiography.

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