How To Write The Best Curriculum Vitae (CV) In Nigeria

How To Know a Good Curriculum Vitae (CV)

To know is that a CV will Attract and Sustain a manager or an employer’s attention

Attract Attentions: This means that your CV should pull the attention of the manager or the employer closer. When you write a well and organize CV, and once the CV gets to the manager or the employer, it draws his or her attentions, the recruitment office sees your CV and he or she is impressed and want to read it and he wants to see you.

Sustain Attentions: In the contest is means prolonging. When the manager or the employer sees it, he gets carried away in your CV all he or she thinks about is wanting to see the owner of such a great CV. The truth is that by default a manager of a company is busy, so your CV should be good enough to gain the attention of the manager.

I will need you to remember that a CV is to market you to your employer and also communicate your values to them without explanation and this should be done within 30 seconds the person received the CV

Steps To Know A Good CV

If you want your CV to pass and be among the best you should considers this next part of write up

Plan/ Layout: This speaks of the arrangement of the CV what and what should come before the other. In a situation whereby the job is open to too many applicant how can your CV be first to notice where there is other CV. For a manager to notice you in an overcrowded attention how you differentiate your CV matters, starting from the Age, the  educational, the qualification and other things in the CV.

For example, should age come before Education? Or should Experience come before Education. Every details matters including spacing. How you differentiate heading from sub headings.

Lets first asked us a question, and I would allow you to make the choice yourself. Imagine your are the manager or an employer and you have two Curriculum Vitae (CV) in front of you. One is filled wall to wall with text and uses four different fronts. It’s also peppered with dozens of bolded, italicized and underlined words and phrases

While the second Curriculum Vitae also offers a lot of information, but you can quickly scan the document, because it makes good use of white space, features clear and consistent section headings and uses bullets to make important items stand out… Which CV will you look first? Have it in mind there is a lot of CV in front of you that you want to go through in a day.

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When you are writing your CV you should at least create one inch margins, also try and leave some blank space between various section of the CV so to distinct the information.

You are advise to stick to two font at most. It is tempting to use more two font but having more than two fonts in a document lessens its readability. One font is all you really need. If you use two, make sure they complement each other. For example use one font for the heading and another font for the body of the CV.

It is good to bold and Italic your CV, but not all the text, there part of the CV you will need to bold, but make sure it ok not just do because you see people doing it. If you most bold let it be sub headings so that the reader should understand what you are doing. Do not go around underlining your CV because research as shown that most readers find it difficult to read underline words.

It is advisable to add bullet to some of your text because there is a research that has proven that a bullet text is easy to find and to read. So bullet some of your important aspect of your Curriculum Vitae

Packaging: This is not the first time we have been hearing of the word packaging. This is every important, here is some simple question, when you are about to submit your CV what kind of envelop do you used? Your CV should be neat and straight.

When you submit a rough CV, they sees you as someone who is not serious. So I recommend conqueror paper white, cream or light grey. Crisp clean paper, no rumples not even slight, no stains at all. If it is inside an envelope, what does the envelop look like? Neat and clean envelops are essential.

Let the envelop be A4 paper in a white envelop because, you do not need to fold the CV because the CV and the envelop are of the same size. Someone asked me if a brown envelop is not good, brown is also good but make sure the envelop is A4 paper size contain.

How To Write Good CV (Curriculum Vitae) In Nigeria And Get A Job

How to Write Good CV In Nigeria: The word CV means Curriculum Vitae, and it is a document that describes an applicant in details, it tells about the applicant  educational qualifications, and also the applicant previous job experience.

For one to send a CV or a resume to a company is considered as part of the job application process. Do not mistake CV and resume, they are not the same, A Curriculum Vitae which is a CV is more than a resume: CV which is Curriculum Vitae speaks  on the depth exploration of the applicant career path, it goes in details about the applicant achievements, the publications, and also the award(s).


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