Job Vacancy In Nigeria – Job Vacancy At Unilever Nigeria PLC

Job Vacancy At Unilever Nigeria PLC For Assistant Procurement Manager

Unilever Nigeria Plc is a world multinational, and the fast- growing consumer goods company with an outstanding  products sold in over 190 countries both in Africa and the world and have more 2 billion consumers across the world who are interested in there amazing products  daily.

At Unilever Nigeria Plc, you can have the opportunity to shape your own path as you work with the company product and  the people that drive the sustainable business growth of the company.

Main Job Purpose For Assistant Procurement Manager

Here on this article is the  statement setting of the main purpose and job objectives. Applicant who is going for Assistant Procurement Manager is responsible for the tactical sourcing of all Indirect Procurement goods and also with the Country cluster Nigeria for portfolio Business Services

Applicant should be a to integrating global and regional sourcing strategies with the business and category demands around the world, in ensuring timely inputs to global and the regional project development and he or she can be able to do OTIF execution of global and the regional projects in the cluster.

The applicant should be willing to act as the first point of contact for the business issues and be able to answer all relating questions that is related to Indirects Procurement goods or the services that is assigned to portfolio, Ariba Buyer and the service,

The candidate should be able to Work with other users in the Country to analyse and to also collate information regarding to the current requirement and need. He should be Efficient in timely and show transparent communication to internal and external  customers and suppliers

Applicant should be so Flexibility to travel in an average travel anticipated 2-4 days per month

Responsibilities Procurement Strategies:

Applicant should willing to develop, willing to implement and to drive procurement strategies for tactical sourcing in the cluster and to support the procurement in the organization in other to meet goals and objectives that is in support of Unilever strategy.
Applicant should be able to engage with the Procurement Managers for Strategic Sourcing team and be able to understand if a sourcing strategy, the strategic contracts are in good place for the portfolio and to implementation the Tactical and Strategic sourcing agreements of the company that is assigned on site cluster level within the portfolio
The candidate should be able to support Procurement Managers and the Cluster lead by providing timely, accurately assistance on all relevant topics and as required

Requirements and Eligibility

Applicant should posse 3-5 years of experience on indirect procurement in FMCG


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