Job Vacancy In Nigeria – Vacancy at Andela For Vice President of Engineering

Job Vacancy In Nigeria – Vacancy at Andela For Vice President of Engineering

Andela Nigeria  is a network of technology, making leaders so that they will be dedicated in advancing human potential. They helped companies build, they also give high-performing distributed engineering teams in other to invest in Africa’s most talented software developers.

About the Role

It is the duty of Andele  technology group to charged and implement all products that will help to scale great quality while providing an excellent service both internally and externally sectors of the company.
They develop tech in other to support both the supply and demand side of the company software and developing marketplace. Their duty cross across technology which include Learning Management Software (LMS), also student acquisition funnel capabilities, the staffing optimization of the company and auto-matching technology, also with the partner portal marketplace access, that includes holistic reporting and data analytics, and much more.

The  role, the candidate will be in charge of  leading Andela’s software engineering team over Nigeria and also to drive organic development in the company, and will integrate partner technologies, and also evaluate technology acquisition.

Andele is looking for an experienced leader who has succeed and can do his best to delivered multiple SaaS apps to market. The candidate chosen will bring about changes  implement robust and scalable architecture in other to support the scaling businesses, He will be delivering capabilities that will maximize business value to the company, and to optimize the processes and to drive maximum efficiency.

The Vice President of engineering will be reporting directly to the CTO,  and it is the duty to make sure that everyone in engineering team has the skills, the directions, and also information that they need to build a great products for the company.

The Roles and Responsibilities  The Vice President of Engineering

* To Guide the engineering team to deliver great and outstanding work in other to optimize the resources and processes.
* He is to ensure a scalable architecture in other for the company to have rapid iteration of the product that will be easily to maintain.
* To build safeguards in the company and to process the rapid experimentation.
* To the company set and refine the best in class software engineering practices.
* To Collaborate with other stakeholders in other to shape and to drive the product and vision for Andela.
* To grow the engineering talented team and increase their skill sets. in other to Serve as a role model for developers.
* To give estimate projects and to develop the  budgets.
* To always report progress of company

Qualifications and Eligibility

* Applicant should posses 15+ years of B2B experience
* Applicant should have Successful develop multiple production SaaS apps already serving thousands of customers
* Applicant should have a Senior management experience, a leading teams of 40-50+ people in a fast-paced environments
* Applicant should have weighing in on architecture,  and problem-solving and reviewing code
* Applicant should have years Implementing and distributed and also remote engineering teams
* Applicant should have Understand how to train and also grow software engineers

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