Job Vacancy Nigeria – Job Vacancy at DOS Clothing Store

Job Vacancy at DOS Clothing Store for Social Media Manager

The DOS Clothing Store is an online store where someone can purchase online wears and they are seeking to fill the above position with qualified persons.

Job Brief on Social Media Manger

DOS Clothing Store is in search of a Social Media Manager. a highly motivated, creative individual with great experience, applicant should have a passion for connecting with the latest and future of what the customers wants. Applicant should increase the passion of their customers through engaging them with  daily basis new clothing, applicant ultimate goal is turning fans into customers.

Job Description and Requirement:

Applicant should have the knowledge and the experience in the tenets of traditional clothing marketing. Having degree in Marketing is not required but it is welcomed
Applicant should be able to demonstrates creativity, documented immersion in social media. (links to profile will be given)
Applicant should have proficient in content marketing theory and in the application.
Applicant should have some experience sourcing information online, managing content development information and publishing them.

Applicant should be able to  Exhibits the ability to jump from a creative side of marketing to analytical side, and be able to demonstrate why the ideas are analytically sound.
Applicant should Displays in-depth knowledge and in depth understanding of social media platforms, and be able to participate on the following Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Linked in  etc.) and to know how each platform works on a different scenarios.
Applicant should know how to maintains excellent writing skill and language skills.
Applicant should be able to displays the ability to effective good communicate information and give wise ideas in written and also video format.
Applicant should Exceeds at building, exceeds at maintaining sales relationships both online and offline.
Applicant should be able to practices in superior time management.
Applicant should be a good team player with the confidence in other to take the lead and to guide other employees when the need arises on content development, on creation and editing of content, and online reputation management.

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Full-Time; Minimum Qualification Degree

Preferred Years of Experience

1 – 3 years

Salary: ₦70,000.00 ‐ ₦100,000.00 per month

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