Kaizen Institute Recruitment For Consultants Nationwide

Kaizen Institute has been known to be providing a consulting services to organizations, institutions, industries, companies and business all around the world where companies, other business, and institution are in need of Consulting, Training, Benchmark Tours, and Qualification.

Right now Kaizen Institution is currently looking for applicant with sharp mind and ability to understand the need of the institution client so that they can be recruited in the job that is listed below and starts working for the company

Kaizen Institute Recruitment For

Kaizen Job Title: Consultant
JoB Location: Nationwide

Kaizen Institute Recruitment Job Description

The duty of the applicant or candidate is to ensure that that he implement Kaizen Tools & Strategies in such a way that will improve the company’s client, so that they can go ahead to achieve a competitive advantage in the industry they are into.
Applicant or candidate are responsible in improving the total business performance of the company through the sustainable implementation.
Applicant should try and be able to learn kaizen tools to ensure that the client organization is autonomous in the managing of their own improvements.
Applicant or candidate are to bring in change that will be betterment to the company through process improvements and also delivering agreed results as per the contract.

Competence The Consultant Should Possess

Applicant or Candidate should be Self Learner, that is have the ability to learn new things and be able to unlearn the old concepts that is not profitable to the instiution.
Applicant or candidate should have the capability to carry out thorough analysis and be able to resolve problems using the company’s appropriate techniques.
Applicant or candidate should have requisite knowledge of Kaizen Tools and Strategies.
Applicant or candidate should have the capability to be able to communicate very well in English language to a seniors and also juniors at the clients place.
Applicant or candidate should have the ability to know how to train the client’s employees on Kaizen Tools and be able to help them in the grooming process and the trainers for future.
Applicant or candidate should have a leadership qualities and should know how to use it in any implementation suitably.

Kaizen Institute Recruitment Skills Required

Applicant or candidate should posses an Organizing skills
Applicant or candidate should posses a Problem Solving skills
Applicant or candidate should posses a Public Speaking Skills
Applicant or candidate should posses an Assessment Skills
Applicant or candidate should posses an Excellent delivery skills
Applicant or candidate should posses a Presentation skills
Applicant or candidate should posses a Computer skills (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and emails)
Applicant or candidate should be Fluency in Communication (O&W) in English
Applicant or candidate should posses an Analytical skills

Kaizen Institute Recruitment Desired Traits

Applicant or candidate should have the willing to live outside his or her suitcase – that is to say they should always ready to travel at any moment at short or long notice.
They are to travel within Africa or overseas, and they should be willing to live far away from home both off and on, and the trip could take between 2 to 3 weeks a month.
Applicant or candidate should continuously keep updating himself on knowledge front. He or she should have strong sense of values and ethics.
Applicant should be Honest and sincere

How to Apply for Kaizen Institute Recruitment

All interested applicant or qualified candidates should send their CV to: bvarghese@kaizen.com

Common Job Interview Mistakes That Can Cost You a Job

When you are going for a job interview this is what you should have in mind that an interview can make you or break your chances of ever getting that dream job you want, no matter how great and how impressive your resume or CV is. Do not have this great believe that you are for have the job. To have the job is to have a great job interview, and there are some mistake or habits you should ensure you avoid by all mean necessary to improve your chances of excelling in the job interview. Here we will be sharing a common job interview mistake that can cost you a job.



Dressing is one of the most important things one should be aware of during interview. Your interview starts the moment you walk into the room. Starting from your hair down to your shoe is been interviewed. No one will want to associate with someone that is not presentable. Even you will not want to sit very close to a mechanic in his dirty overall. No company will want to give a job to someone looking very poor and unkempt



Employers will want to know your drive and a sense of what your future holds for you. They would prefer to hire someone with a sense of purpose. Employers may ask you describe what you see yourself doing in the years to come, whether you will be at one company or another. Telling them you see yourself doing their job may not be the best way to get hired.

Answer: In five years, would like to have progressed to the point where I have bottom-line responsibility and the chance to lead an operations unit.. Avoid the urge to describe job titles; this makes you seem unbending and unrealistic, since you of not know or control the system of promotion. Describe new experiences or responsibilities you’d like to add in the future that build on the current job you are applying for




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