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Ntel Nigeria Recruitment 2019 on Going, the Ntel Nigeria is looking to recruit suitable, qualified and experienced Nigerians to fill in the company’s vacancies position and they are currently accepting application.

We wish to inform every applicant that we do not recruit for any government agency or any company including ntel Nigeria what we give is the recruitment guidelines, we share information regarding the qualifications, requirements and other updates that may be associated with Ntel Nigeria Recruitment 2019 here for free.

At ntel Nigeria they are looking for forward in recruiting the next generation of talent that has the potential and posses what it takes to lead and shape the company’s future. They are in the market looking for smart talented passionate individuals that can help grow the network. They are looking forward to see interested applicant apply for the Ntel Nigeria Recruitment 2019.

The organizations is currently recruiting in Nigeria and interested applicant should visit ntel recruitment portal and apply for the following job position

Ntel Nigeria Recruitment 2019 Job Description

Ntel Nigeria Recruitment 2019 is open to applicant with passion to fill the suitable position of Sales Performance Analyst.

The Position is based in Nigeria.

Applicant are to provide analytical support to the department and also provides administrative support to the company’s Sales department. He or she is to analyze the trade insight, to help the company channels development and expansion across all areas of the company. Candidate are to give a proper reporting and performance tracking on all the company’s sales.

Ntel Nigeria Recruitment 2019 Responsibilities

Applicant or candidate will be working with the company’s data stakeholders – that is the IT department, The Finance department, in other to collate data for his or her sale performance and monitoring
Applicant or candidate are the once responsible for the timely generation of the KPI reports and also with the field reports that would support the business and improve productivity
Applicant or candidate are responsible for collating the company’s field sales reports and ensure they are validated every month activation
Applicant or candidate should periodically modify his or her current report to ensure the reports are more inclusive, robust and as well as informative
Applicant or candidate are responsible for the company’s Performance, Reporting and also the Monitoring Templates
Applicant or candidate are to coordinate with the IT and with the Network support team for the timely availability of the company’s report in the correct form
Applicant are to carry out the company’s day to day support for the regional teams and Business Partners. that is they are to Prompt complaints resolution with a focus on the Business Partners and field sales staff.
Applicant or candidate are in charge of developing and writing the company’s business case on every initiatives and seeking of all relevant approvals when required.
Applicant are to support seamless
They are to give timely and accurate preparation of all the agent payout schedule and validated information
Applicant or candidate should critically evaluate the information they gathered from any multiple sources and reconcile any conflicts
Applicant are decompose any high-level of information and brake it down into details and give general understanding and recommendation to stakeholders
Applicant are to Coordinate between the Sales, the Marketing, and other relevant departments to make sure that the qualitative and timely report is available when needed
Applicant or candidate are to engage with another team to give solutions to problem that may occur on the field.
Applicant or candidate are to Provide support and give relevent data as relating to the sales performance from zone to zones
Applicant or candidate are to provide insight information from available the data that will give the full competitive advantage improving the business and deliver same
Applicant or candidate are to collate all report and evaluate them in other to increase the general sales productivity.
Applicant or candidate are to give the analyze reports and to highlight those areas of weakness and also those areas of strength based the on agreed baseline for operational changes and action
Applicant or candidate are to evaluate and manage the company’s performance that is trending from the reports in other to evaluate performance calculated against set targets.

Ntel Nigeria Recruitment 2019 Requirements

Education: Applicant or Candidate should be Fluent in English
Applicant or candidate should have a First degree in any related discipline.

Experience: Applicant or candidate should have Minimum of 2-4 years’ working experience including:
They should also have 2 years’ experience in Sales operations in a telecom or in FMCG company.
Applicant or candidate should be Proficient in the use of Microsoft office application

Professional Certification: Applicant or candidate should have the Relevant Professional Certification from a recognized Professional body.

Ntel Nigeria Recruitment 2019 Competencies Knowledge Skills:

Applicant or candidate should have a Good business acumen
Applicant or candidate should have a Telecommunication savvy
Applicant or candidate should have a good understanding of sales and Data Analytics
Applicant or candidate should have a Skills / Physical Competencies:
Applicant or candidate should have a Good communication skills
Applicant or candidate should have a Problem Solving skills
Applicant or candidate should have a Organizational skills
Applicant or candidate should have a Numerical skills
Applicant or candidate should have a Attention to details
Applicant or candidate should have a Data Analytical skills
Applicant or candidate should have a Result-oriented
Applicant or candidate should have a Multi-tasking skills.

Ntel Nigeria Recruitment 2019 Behavioral Competencies:

Applicant or candidate should have Networking skills
Applicant or candidate should have Interpersonal and Customer service skills
Applicant or candidate should have People Management skills
Applicant or candidate should have Quality / Technical Competencies:
Database management
Applicant or candidate should have Computer & Information Technology Appreciation.

How To Apply

Interested applicant or candidate should visit their official portal http://www.ntel.com.ng/careers-joining-ntel/


Dressing is one of the most important things one should be aware of during interview. Your interview starts the moment you walk into the room. Starting from your hair down to your shoe is been interviewed. No one will want to associate with someone that is not presentable. Even you will not want to sit very close to a mechanic in his dirty overall. No company will want to give a job to someone looking very poor and unkempt



Employers will want to know your drive and a sense of what your future holds for you. They would prefer to hire someone with a sense of purpose. Employers may ask you describe what you see yourself doing in the years to come, whether you will be at one company or another. Telling them you see yourself doing their job may not be the best way to get hired.

Answer: In five years, would like to have progressed to the point where I have bottom-line responsibility and the chance to lead an operations unit.. Avoid the urge to describe job titles; this makes you seem unbending and unrealistic, since you of not know or control the system of promotion. Describe new experiences or responsibilities you’d like to add in the future that build on the current job you are applying for



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