Okeoghene London Philomena Biography and Lifestyle

Okeoghene London Philomena Biography and Lifestyle – Okeoghene London Philomena was born on was born on March31st, 1992  She  was born into the Family of 9, Attended The Cave Gina Pry School Agbasa,  for her Secondary Education she attended Baptist High School, when she want to College of Education Warri.

She started her modeling career while she was in the college of Education and because she wants to focus on her education she stop and became a full time student, Okeoghene London Philomena is one of the few who has thousands of followers on the instgram she is known for stylish and she isgood in making other look good.

She is a model who loves Fashion and she has her own business,creative, she can be followed on instagram Okephilo. With her influence on instagram she can help your product get to thousands of people in one posting. Posting on facebook can get to thousands of people on posting, and thousand more on shares.

Been a model is all Okeoghene London Philomena can do best, modeling fashions of new cloths coming out from designers, making videos and helping company product gets to the right persons. she can be contacted and reach on her facebook or her Instagram. you can drop a comment and we can contact her for you


How To Become A Model In Nigeria And Get A Modeling Job: The issue with most people they think become a model is just by looking tall and keeping sharp, once they have all that they believe that they are in a path of becoming a model and  later be on a magazine, bill boards appears on TV and become famous. This is wrong so wrong. Modeling is not just a way to be famous it is a career and like every career one needs to work hard to be successful.

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