Sahara Group Recruitment 2019 Requirement and How To Apply

Those who are interested to work for a energy power company should note that Sahara Group human resources has started accepting Applications for Sahara Group Recruitment 2019 any applicant that meet the recruitment qualifications are required to send their application for consideration.

Those who have interest in been part of the group and wants to get a job there should read this article and follow the information and requirement for a successful application.


Employers will want to know your drive and a sense of what your future holds for you. They would prefer to hire someone with a sense of purpose. Employers may ask you describe what you see yourself doing in the years to come, whether you will be at one company or another. Telling them you see yourself doing their job may not be the best way to get hired.

Answer: In five years, would like to have progressed to the point where I have bottom-line responsibility and the chance to lead an operations unit. Avoid the urge to describe job titles; this makes you seem unbending and unrealistic, since you of not know or control the system of promotion. Describe new experiences or responsibilities you’d like to add in the future that build on the current job you are applying for


The Sahara Group is an Energy company that is looking for qualified persons with great drive for work and excellent qualities. Sahara Group function very well in the Energy sector in Nigeria and they are always evolving, and They are full of innovations in the energy sector and have outstanding technological strides. Any Applicant that is chosen to be part of this industry will have a lot to gain because it is a platform to broaden your knowledge and have all around improvement.

Applicant should be aware that they consider those who is working with Sahara Group has been fortunate because they have a good work environment

The Recruitment’s Job Description

Sahara Group Recruitment 2019 Job Title: Programmer
Location: Nigeria
Job Field: Programming / Software / Web Development

Sahara Group Recruitment 2019 Qualifications for the Programmer Job

Interested Applicants should note that Sahara Group Recruitment 2019 is open to those with B.Sc from any university home and aboard.
Applicant are expected to have two (2) to four (4) years of work experience in Computer Application development.
Applicant should note that Sahara Group Recruitment Team, are looking for those with Computer softwares such as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel.
Applicant that have a knowledge in JavaScript, PHP, Python, C++ and C#, CSS and HTML.

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