Secret In Passing A Job Interview And Be Employed


Before you go for an interview with any company this is something you should know and you should do it very well. Do your own personal research. If you didn’t search for the job, that is someone tell you about the company and you just email your CV to the company. In other words you may not even have an idea what job position is vacant.  In this situation you have a lot of work on your hand.

Make a lot of research, find out everything you need to know about the company, go online google and read up everything about the company. Including their weakness and straight. If they have a rival company find out of them, make it your business you know everything regarding the company. Ensure you have a solution on how you can improve on them.

Don’t just appear there looking novice, because it’s not your company or maybe you are not working there yet you act as if it’s not your business. Like I said make it your business and apply everything you have to ensure you know them.

It is possible that the company may not be online asked the person who refers you about the company. If he or she works there ask her to tell you everything about the company. Let him or her educate you about their day to day activities.

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