Secret In Passing A Job Interview And Be Employed

Answer The Interview Questions

Some persons do not know how to answer question, that is most of their problem when you are been interviewed for a job position, please and please answer the question that is placed before you. Answer what the job interviewer asked. Do not avoid the question make sure you answer the question correctly and if you do not know let them know that you don’t know. Please don’t assume the question and start answering.

When it’s a question you don’t know do be ashamed to say I don’t know although you should know but some times if the interview asked something he or she shouldn’t asked and she asked it and you don’t know it may not be too bad. I know of a guy they asked in an interview question about UAE United Arab Emirate, the taught that UAE is a country, and the capital city is Dubia, when they guy noticed he was wrong he said he doesn’t know.

When they started explaining to him that they are countries of their own, the asked if they are like the United Kingdom and the interview said yes. And the guy was asked to name the countries under the United Kingdom which the guy knows and he listed them.

Such questions that are not related with what you are expected to meet during interview question and you come across and you don’t know make sure you to say you don’t know. It takes a strong person to say I don’t know to a question in an interview.

But please it should be a question that you are not supposed to know. Not all question that you should know. You are going for the company Social Media Aid and they asked you do you know how to operate LinkedIn and you are saying I don’t know LinkedIn.

Listen to the question before you answer some persons do not listen, that start talking without listening. You have to listen first before you start answering, so that you should not go out of point when you are answering the question. 

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