Secret In Passing A Job Interview And Be Employed

Asked Intelligent Question

In this aspect after the interview they may give room for question and even if they do not be bold enough to tell them you have a question and when they said go on, as an intelligent question. Asked them something that will keep them thinking positively about you after you have gone. Leave a remark and assignment for them.

Something that will make them wants to see you again. Don’t go and asked them what next, what next is not your business, your question should be something that when they answer one of two problems in the company could be solve.

A President is trying to make peace with two different country, and so many people was condemning the action but the president is bent on moving forward and a little girl asked him a question. She said, why do you think that you can bring two different countries together knowing about their differences in religious background and ethnicity.

When the president heard the question, he said I don’t know but am going to try. Such a question is what you are expected you asked your employers questions that will make them think and say I don’t know or we don’t know but we are going to try, if you are smart take advantage, you can add if am employ here I will help in proving solution  to the question you ask.

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