Trick Job Interview Questions That Could Cost You Your Job

When one go to a job interview there are series of question the interviewer ask them in other to know how intelligent you are. this has been normal, but in recent times we see the interviewer going off script to ask something they should not have ask. This issue only or most seen in Nigeria where the interviewer believe he the all in all.

Example of Trick Job Interview Questions That Could Cost You Your Job If Not Answer Rightly

i will be giving you some example of a tricking question that interviwer are not suppose to ask but most of them go ahead to ask them any way

Tell Us A Little About Yourself

This is the introductory and familiarization question at most interviews, mention nothing personal or unrelated to the job, most interviewers are not interested in your family background but when you are instructed otherwise be careful how much you reveal, because most time, small organizations are looking at your financial commitments in order to analyze how much of a burden you will be to them in terms of loans and time of work to settle one family challenge or another. so when answering such question focus on only your area of your strength

Closed Question

Closed question are those question when the interviewer asked in other to know or get specific information, often factual or techincal in nature, these question can frequentky be answered with a yes or no but always bear in mind that a yes or n answer is not sufficient always clarify and elaborate past exeperience

it may always require you to demonstrate your techincal kwonledge in some areea, always buttress your point if possible with a story line to elaborate the poin you are trying to make. however, keep your story short.

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