Trick Job Interview Questions That Could Cost You Your Job

Some Of Those Question May start like this

What would you do if…

Theses will assess your ability to think on your feet. develop creative on the spot thinking and answer the question and let it make sense otherwise you are just fooling yourselves. a good interviewer believe that they are smarter then you so try to pro them not too wrong but not right.

You will require good communication skill to pull this off. do you have good skills in this area? Do not give yes or No answer to this question, give example to support your response.

If you are ask two or more questions linked to the same topic and you are confuse do not be afriad to ask to have the question repeated if you can’t recall the full question otherwise you will be answering question that they didn’t ask.

There is something important i will share with you, which is unexpected question. and not saying that the question is unexpected question am saying that the question will be unexpected that is you have no idea what they are going to ask. but that is okay because you knew that they will be unexpected so try to be calm and get ready for them, it may just be the time you shine even more brightly.


Job Vacancy In Nigeria Interview Tips

Interview Tips- Reminders and Warnings

This article with interview tips- the more general arts of conducting yourself at the interview.

Interview Tip 1: Be Polite And Manage Your Nerves

No power on earth can prevent you feeling what you fell but if you have a frame work of good manners, if you look good and are well-prepared, if you know how to behave and have practiced this situation, then all you need do to manage your physical and emotional feelings is to ….. Calm yourself down a little, by breathing a little more deeply and getting your attention off our mind, through your body and out into the room.


Tell Me A Little About Yourself?.”
When responding to this request, you should focus on both your personal and professional values. Always be honest, but talk about your best traits only, especially those that relates to the position for which you are applying


How To Dress for Job Interview Job Vacancy

We at job vacancy Nigeria has decided to bring to your notice that there is a major reason why so many people do not get shortlisted after been invited for an interview. The problem is how they look when they enter the conference room or office.


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