Ways To Protect Your Debit Card From Thieves

Ways To Protect Your Debit Card From Thieves The use of  debit card and credit card has been  the fastest way to collect money from your bank account without going into the bank, and  this also has brought a lot  of  loop holes for some grafters and con men including hijacker to  also have assess to  your account.

Bank transaction are no longer  safe and there is a saying that the more the banks become wiser  also is the con men and hijacker. But there are ways one can protect his money from this people, that is why we are sharing this ideas  to those who care to listen before you learn by your own experiences.


Ways To Protect Your Debit Card From Thieves
A debt card are of  different types and you should know them how they work so that you will be able to protect your debit card from those who wants to steal your money from your bank account, either by colony your debt card or stealing the digital number that is need for bank transactions.

This is the commonly use  debit card in the world ,  this card is different from other card it is designed to be used electronically and to make online transactions  easier which also including your ATM, in the card there is a valid date and year that shows when the card will expire.

A master card have 16 digit in front of it and valid month and year also in front of the master card and there is a  sim chip at the front and the back of the master card is  a black leather protector,  and the cvv2 digit code at the park.

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