Ways To Protect Your Debit Card From Thieves

This is the another product of a debt card, the card front  digit is longer than that of the master card.  The verve card has a 19 digit number in front and also with the valid month and year. At the back of the verve card there is 7 digit number at d back but the cvv2 is the last 3 digit number

The visa card is has 16 digit in front and also with the valid month and year and the cvv2 at the back is just 3 digit.

the difference between the master card and the visa card is during online transactions, when you are using online transaction using the master card, they ask you for your 4 digit personal pin before the transaction will go and when you are using the visa card they do not ask you for those pain.

With this information let me explain how you can protect your card,  the front digit that is either 16 or 19 depending on the debt card so those digit should be protected and it should be your eyes only. Don’t allow anyone have access to  those information In front.

The valid month and  year are also very much important and  they should be protected from anyone. Those months and year indicate ownership because anyone who can  have access to those information could be seen as the card owner in online  transactions.

The CVV2 at the back is also important and that should be protected from anyone else if you love your money in your account.

Your pin is also very much important and  that four digit code should be guarded but our advise for you is that keep your debit cards from getting to someone else you do not trust.

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