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For interested applicant ZOLA Electric is formerly known as Off Grid Electric, they are the leading and renewable energy brand company in Africa, They help their customers and whoever want power to light their homes, help them power their small businesses, make sure they stay connected and also expand opportunities for work and study making it very easy by providing solar technology that is affordable rate.

ZOLA Electric Recruitment 2019 Job description

Applicant are to unveil hidden opening to make a global impact. Zola Electric is a company that is on a track to light a million of homes and offices in Africa and in Nigeria over the next few years with clean and affordable solar energy.

How To Dress for Job Interview Job Vacancy

We at job vacancy Nigeria has decided to bring to your notice that there is a major reason why so many people do not get shortlisted after been invited for an interview. The problem is how they look when they enter the conference room or office.


Applicant should note that Zola Electric is a innovative solutions power company that is delight their customers. They are looking for a Sales Recruiter and Trainer to join the team here in Lagos, Nigeria, someone who is passionate to support the growth strategy of the company in Africa, in other to change a lot of lives with their innovative products.

If this is your dream job then contribute your knowledge and skills to Zola Electric in other to help change the renewable energy landscape in the country. They are in need of applicant that are passionate about solar energy to help the company and other billions of people around the world with your unique social skill, technical skill, to understand the important of solar energy.

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