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ZOLA Electric Recruitment 2019 The Role

Applicant are to provide recruiting support to the company and to startup a sales training center for the new inbound Front line sales staff. Applicant will be in-charge of the team that will In time support the team of Sales Trainers and Sales Training Specialists. The reason of the Job is to help the company equip new front line sales staff with the practical knowledge and the skill in Zola’s sales approach.

Applicant are to Understand and to champion the recruitment and training process and content.
Applicant is Solely responsible for the localizing content of the company and he or she can change process with Director’s approval.
Applicant are to coordinate with the pre-approved 3rd party agencies.
Applicant are to gather the names of the new candidate and to set-up the information sessions per the recruitment process.
Applicant is to coordinate screening for his team and also interview process by scheduling interviews for his team, and also leading the interview process.
Applicant should make use of effectively requisite recruitment tools during recruitment process. and Select candidates that would be trained.
Applicant are to Invite training candidate that is shortlisted

ZOLA Electric Recruitment 2019 Requirement

Applicant should posses A Bachelor’s Degree in any related course of study
Applicant should have at least 3 years of experience
Applicant should have an experience in Sales performer in Energy – Solar, Generator sales etc..
Applicant should have a training experience in Energy – Solar, Generator sales etc..
Applicant should have deep understanding of recruiting process, sales and training
Applicant are expected to travel Frequently and to organize Training for 11 days and staff often carry out 3 – 5 cycles consecutively.

How To Apply for ZOLA Electric Recruitment 2019

If you are interested in working for ZOLA Electric and ready to join their team in Lagos, Nigeria, send your resume through their career page. Write an applications that include a resume / curriculum vitae have preference, click here


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